Frak Yeah LFTDG33k!

Stay Frosty and Get Lifted

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dariort asked: excuseme me u_u i know i know , maybe you don't like the people whos ask you for this thing, i don't speak english very well but i'm triying to help my boyfriend to find a code of miss fortune o kayle from LOL u_u ! i don't know if you can help me u_u ! but i see your photos in the pax ! so maybe you have a code allready used by you! and the codes works for all servers !! maybe the code work for us T_T we are from venezuela ! here it's very dificul buy rp u_u! bye bye take care

sorry, no extra codes here!

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thatyiddishperson asked: I really liked that Pokémon picture, so I got this for you! i*imgur*com/ipfVSdB*jpg